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Hello Lovelies!!

December 13th, 2010 (03:17 pm)

I am alive!!

I apologzie for the complete lack of updates on my LJ...
The blogging structure of LJ frustrates me and I don't really enjoy it.

I do continue to use my use LJ to participate in comms and to comment other blogs,
So please feel free to friend me ~ I check my account regularly! :)

If you want to contact me or keep up with me outside of LJ...
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Miyabi_Na
Tumblr: http://fuckyeahmyv.tumblr.com/

On January 2 2010....

I got engaged!

To this sexy man

The Love of my Life <33

I did some partying...

I hit the beach

And hung out with the girls...

LOL just kidding...

Aww family photo...

I helped to plot my best friend's engagement....
After my short stint as a Bosozoku...

Met a few cool people like....

H.Naoto...and [not pictured] Takuya Angel...

Not to mention I had a private opportunity to meet my most FAVORITE musician
in the whole entire UNIVERSE.....


It was my dream come true...so very cool and sweet in person..
and he signed my Jibun Kakumei cd...
to which he was VERY surprised to see [his really old cd] 
I told him I've been his fan for 10 years! ;)

I saw lots of other amazing Jrock LIVE too! Including...

Dir En grey


A-FUCKIN-MAZING!! never in my lifetime did I EVER think I would get to see them live
And...Yoshiki bought us all pizza XD
and we had a Happy Bday party for Toshi
Best. Memories. Ever.

and 12012 for their last time with Yusuke..*sniff*


Courtesy of Spirihood ;)

Then Halloween came...
And I was RENO 9-1-1-ified...

with my gay hubby...lulz...

Then I saw my most FAVORITE Thai singer live..
the truly, amazingly talented

I became a GODmama ;D
Love my lil godson SKY!

And crazy-ass Steve Aoki came to my town..
of course I had to party ;D


And finally...the Holidays have come around...
and I'm just waiting for Xmas and New Years to pass..

then I need to finish planning my wedding! :)

Happy Holidays!!

Take Care Loves!